About Me:


b. 1984, Flemington, NJ

Live and Works in: Rockland, ME


 I use embroidery as a means to drawing. My works utilize the female nude, transformed - women with animal heads. These figures aim to be subversive, yet quiet, and demand an intimate relationship when viewing (which could make the viewer uncomfortable by being so close). I use this as a form of empowerment in referencing the power and tenacious spirit of women I know, love and some that I have lost.  Additionally, these pieces have thread drawn pattern in them, adding to the power, which is evoked by their stance and in-your-face nakedness. These patterns are inspired by traditional folk, embroidery, and other textile patterns. 

 I live and work in the art centric town that is Rockland, Maine. In this place, with it's small population, bustling Main St art scene and vast natural wonders, I get to interact with art, while being inspired by Mother Nature's pristine scenery. I received my BFA from Maine College of Art in Portland, ME and have an MAT from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Questions? Comments? Interested in purchasing some work? Feel free to email me anytime at v.a.marsh@gmail.com.